Little by Little

Weed by weed. Piece by piece. Slowly but surely.

That's been my mantra lately. That applies to almost everything I want accomplished around here anyway. A couple of weeks ago I started doing that by working on the flower beds in front. At this time, only one of the beds has fresh mulch on it. I was waiting for my former gardener [DH..ha!] to get more bags of mulch and he finally did over the weekend. This time he got 8 bags. I don't think that's enough. The 3 bags I put down on the first bed were not enough because we could still see soil and weeds growing. This morning I 'patched' those spots after pulling out the "wayward" weeds. Then I worked on a much smaller bed on the other side of the garage. That one is almost completely covered with weeds so it took me longer than anticipated to clean it. Instead of putting down mulch, I decided  clean around the lilies I have growing on the side of the house. Hubby told me a couple of weekends ago that one of them is no longer a 'lily' but a 'frank' because he accidentally shaved it with his weed-eater. Yep, he thought it's a weed so I decided to weed around them so that won't happen to the other lilies. Guess what? I accidentally pulled one out thinking it's a weed as well. Oops!

Anyway, tomorrow will probably be another weeding day for me. I am hoping that before the month's over all the flower beds have fresh mulch on them already. That's doable if I continue working on them at least 2, maybe 3 times a week. I can only work on them before 10 AM everyday because the sun's too hot for me to handle after that. Also, rain has been a daily thing here now. Thankfully it usually rains in the afternoon but boy does it make the weeds thrive. They multiply in size in a day because of the rain. Oh well. I guess that's better than having drought, eh?


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