Finally finished the project I started a couple of months ago...at least. Now I'm a happy [and a bit sore] camper. I finished putting the mulch this morning mainly because I don't want to give the weeds another chance to invade the flower beds again...at least for a few months anyway. I think I had to pull out weeds twice before to prepare them for the mulch. I thought hubby would have the chance to put it down but his work just wouldn't let him so I decided to do it myself a few weeks ago. So why did it take me weeks to finish 2 and a half flower beds? I was just taking my time I guess. There was no hurry so I took my time. Now that I'm done with that 'project' I'm off to continue another one that I started about 2 weeks ago...decluttering my home office.

The weather here is as unpredictable as...the weather? Last week it was raining almost everyday as predicted by the meteorologists around here. The time the rain would fall was the unpredictable part though. This week it's going to be the same story although the chances are lower...per the meteorologists report again. So far it hasn't rained today. Anyway, rain is good as long we don't get flooded of course...and as long as we don't have to be anywhere else but home.

As usual the weekend went by fast. For the first time in months, the man of the house was off for the weekend. As it's his first weekend off, all he wanted to do was stay home. Toink! The little one was hoping we could go for a bike ride in the park but it was too hot to be biking so we decided against it. She wasn't too happy about it but she understood. I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere else. Not really. She didn't even want to go shopping or go to the mall where it's cool. She just wanted to bike in the park. I think she's turning into me. Oh noooo!!!! Anyway, we stayed home on Saturday but we went out yesterday. We did a couple of trips to some stores then ate out. After eating out we headed to a relative's house and stayed there until night time. It was too hot again to be going out. How hot? When we came out of the restaurant, the car was showing a 102F temperature on the dashboard. It went down to about 95F I think while we were on the road  but that's still hot to be strolling. It was also quite humid so it's hotter than what the temp is showing. It will be this hot, even hotter, in the coming weeks so biking may have to wait until Fall. That won't make one little girl around here happy.


Ciela said…
Hulinggggggg! musta ka na?! makikisilip lng po dito. kay ganda na nga ng garden! alagang alaga! nakarating na rin sa kin kung gano ang init ng summer sa inyo. tama lng nman daw to enjoy in your beautiful florida beach. nakalibot na dw dyan ang aking pamangkin at mga apo. ganda dw ng florida at ng mga theme parks!

Sensya sa dalang ng silip! hope all is well with you and the sipag king and princess! ingat lagi!

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