Tree is Up!

That's our tree this year. We were finally able to take it out of the attic and put it up over the weekend. The little one was the one that decorated it...most of it anyway. It took her a few hours to put it all together.

Last year, we had a star for the topper. This year, we were able to find an angel topper that goes well with the decorations. We wanted an angel topper last year but for some reason, we had a hard time finding one. Actually, it wasn't that easy to find it yesterday either. I think we went to 4 or 5 stores before we found one that has more than one selection. I almost grabbed the one in one of the big stores at the mall but hubby said not to because it was a 'return'. He said there's a reason why the original buyer returned it [light not working, etc]. It's a good thing I didn't get it because the one we eventually bought goes better with the tree and it's cheaper as well. Now all that's missing are the presents under the tree. Any donations? Tee hee...


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