That's probably what this nasty cold virus told me once it got in my body. I thought I was able to dodge the bullet...err...virus but I was wrong. I have a very sore throat right now and the back of my nose hurts so bad that even swallowing is a pain in the neck....literally! I've been gurgling with salt water and taking the ever dependable Alka but I can still feel it coming on. I guess I may just have to let it run its course.

On a positive note, the little one's cold seems to be going away. She has a very slight cough which we're trying to keep that way with some cough syrup and so far it's been working. She also had her dental appointment this morning which was supposed to be last Wednesday but because of the onset of her cold, it had to be moved to today. I didn't go with them at the appointment. I barely had sleep last night because of my painful throat so I decided to stay at home. I think it's her first appointment with just Dad. They did okay without me so I'd probably make it a habit not going with them in the future, eh? The only complaint I heard was the long wait. So what else is new, right?

Hopefully I'll start to feel better in day or two. It's no fun having sore throat and nose. I just hope the man in the house doesn't catch it. He's been trying to stay away from me so maybe he won't. Fingers crossed....


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