Cold..Cold...Go Away!

It strikes again! That nasty cold virus that we catch every now and then. I felt it probably Monday. I didn't pay much attention to until the little one started complaining of a sore throat on Tuesday. Yesterday, her sore throat got worse. Mine as well. I took the ever dependable Alkazeltzer and it worked! The little one is not as lucky. I wish I can give her the Alka as well but I can't because she's too young. She's been gurgling with warm salt water and taking in fluid as much as I can remind her to. She's also having a temperature since yesterday...not that high but enough to make me worry. I'm a Mom what can I say.

Today...she's already sniffling with the start of a cold. Hopefully it won't last long and that she won't have the cough. She's doing her normal work but a little she can get any slower. Ha! Hopefully she'll feel better by the weekend. I just don't like it when she has something like this.


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