Clogged Nose!

That's the little one's complain right now. I can hear it in her voice whenever she talks that her nose is indeed clogged. She keeps asking me if that's how it feels whenever I have my allergy episodes. I told her yes and then some because I usually have sneezing fits that come with the allergy attacks. I feel bad she's having a tough time and I can only hope she gets better sooner than later.

Anyway, it's TGIF again. We have another gorgeous day in our neck of the wood. We've been lucky to have really cool temps in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it continues to be this way. Our weekend is wide open. We have no plans of going anywhere. We may drop by the mall to do a couple of errands but that's about it. I'm thinking of letting the man of the house do that by himself because I want the little one to just stay home and rest so she can get rid of the cold she's nursing at the moment. But I'm sure he'd want us to go with him.


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