Custom Perfect

It's the holiday season again! It's that time of the year when we're all busy trying to figure out what to give our loved ones for Christmas. Unlike last year, I am not as clueless this year as to what I'm going to give my loved ones who are back in my home country. I am planning on getting a [poster custom] made specifically for my siblings who I saw earlier this year, for the first time in 10 years! As expected, we had a bunch of pictures taken together to remember our time together of course. We made sure of that because we couldn't really tell when we might be seeing each other again. I already sent each of them copies of the pictures I took myself, but I want to give them something special to remember our time together during our last visit, which is a custom poster of us together. What could be a better time to present this to them than the holiday season, right?

I've been searching online for quite some time now. I've seen several places that make custom posters, but I'm not just looking for good quality posters, they need to be affordable as well. I have 4 other siblings so I'm going to order group pictures with the 5 of us for each of them. I'm also thinking of having custom posters of a picture of the whole clan...nieces, nephews, in-laws, etc. Anyway, I've been looking at different products to view which ones will be the best fit for what I want and that's where it gets tricky. I know my oldest sister, who happens to be single and is living in the ancestral home, would want the biggest possible poster I can order for her so she can hang in the house we grew up in. I'm not sure about my 3 brothers though. They're men and I know they don't like anything over the top. I guess I may have to give them a call and find out exactly what size of poster will work for them, eh? Hmmm...I guess finding the gift perfect for them is no longer the problem this year. It's finding what size of a custom poster they want hanging on their wall.


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