Cold Weather on the Way

At least that's what our meteorologists say. If it's true then we will have a low of low 40s and high in the 60s only. On Saturday, we're expecting a below freezing temperature in the morning. The whole weekend will have highs in the 60s only. It's going to be one ideal weather for the man of the house. Me? I'm going to bundle if ever we decide to head out.

The 'bug' that victimized me and the little one is finally gone. This time around the hubs was spared. That's probably because we tried to stay away from him when we had it [both the little one and yours truly]. I guess it worked because this is supposed to be his week [to have the cold] and so far no sniffles/sneezes or clearing of throat on his end. I guess some might find it odd that I said 'it's his week to get the cold' but that's how it's been the last 3 times we had the bug here. It's 3 weeks in a week for each one to nurse the pesky bug. It sounds silly but that's how it happened.

Anyway, it's only a few more days before Christmas. Not sure if Santa will be dropping by this year in our humble abode. Maybe he will because he always does. Will he have anything for moi? Probably not. But who knows. I just have to wait and see...


Ciela said…
That's a nice cold weather out there! I wish lumamig na rin dito sa 'min! But looks like, it'll only be slightly colder in the morning. But even then, still perspiring no end. Init pa rin talaga!

Glad to know that you and E are feeling well now. Lucky si M, di nadale. Bakit kasi di sumunod sa sked nung bug e. aha haha!

Pasko na Huling. Ready na ba ang pang-noche buena? Pakain ha?

Enjoy your weekend! Ingat!

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