Looking for Lockers

Every year, our high school holds its annual homecoming for alumni like me. I haven't attended one since forever but I'm always updated with what's happening and what we need to do to help out. Our high school was built for only one purpose...to serve those who cannot afford to send their kids to high school. It basically runs on donations. At first it had a lot of benefactors to support it. Today it runs on our support...its alumni. Every year we get a list of the things the school needs or will need in the coming school year. This year they need a lot of things including lockers. The ones they currently have are either too old already or had been damaged by flooding. I volunteered to look for lockers for sale either online or off. Our batch doesn't have a lot of funds so we're counting on either finding good deals or even buying used lockers that are still in good condition. I would rather go with finding new ones at a good deal but if we can't find the ones we can afford, then I wouldn't mind settling with the latter. Hopefully I'll be able to find what we're looking for before the next school year starts. That way, kids will have their much needed lockers when they go back to school next year.


Ciela said…
Just dropping by to greet you and M and E a very blessed New Year full of love and happiness!

Getting busy for Media Noche? Pwedeng makikain? haha..

Big hug!

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