Cold, Grey and Dreary

Fortunately, that's not how it is where we're at. Here it's bright and sunny and temperature today was in the upper 70s. It's going to be the same way tomorrow according to our meteorologists.

My post title actually refers to Canada. Hubby just arrived from a business trip there and that's how he described it. He likes the cold part but definitely not the 'grey and dreary' parts. He said he wouldn't want to reside in a place like that. I guess he got spoiled with the bright and sunny kind of days, eh? Well, sorta'. He doesn't like the heat though so....

The weekend is flying us by. I spent the better part of this day just cleaning and doing some other chores around the house. I also did a little bit of [paid] work on the side. I just can't pass up work when it's presenting itself, right? It wasn't a lot so it's fine. I guess I can say I accomplished most of what I wanted to so far.

Tomorrow is another day. No plans whatsoever. Since I've done most of my chores, I may just spend the day being lazy. What else is new, eh?



Ciela said…
Hello Huling! I believe M with all those descriptions of Canada. I have a friend there who's comlaining about their weather and missing Pinas all the more. Lol!

Good for you, you're always blessed with "paid work". My site started losing offers when I switched to own domain. Nawala kasi yung google analytic daw. Ewan ba. Still trying to fix till now. Di kasi ako techie eh.

Enjoy your sunshiny day! God bless!

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