Coin Collecting

The little one and I are in the middle of finding 'that' perfect gift for the man in the house. It's actually the 'surprise gift' because he already got a gift that he wants. We got that last weekend. But the little one wants to surprise him with another gift. I have a few ideas that I'm looking into like the silver eagles coins. He's not really into collecting things but I figure this will be a great way to start some kind of a hobby while at the same time investing into something. There's just a little problem. The little one also has her own ideas on what to get him. A toy! Well, he mentioned to her one time about this toy that he liked very much when he was young so she asked me to look it up yesterday. We found a few 'like it' but not the exact same toy. Hmm...I guess we have some decisions to make, eh? Not as easy as I thought this would be....


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