Fix-Ups Needed

It's been years now since we put up our other house for sale. We actually put it up for sale even before we moved out of it. And guess what? We already had a buyer. The only problem was the original builder of this house screwed us so we couldn't move out of the old house soon enough so we had to drop out of the negotiations on the sale of that house. As soon as we moved out of that house, we again put it up for sale and that's how it stays more than 4 years after. It's very frustrating to say the least that we've actually thought of walking away from it a few times. But we're still holding on hoping that one day, someone will finally buy it.

Originally we didn't want to do anymore fix-ups for it. Actually, it was in a very good condition when we vacated it. It was only 8 years old so it's not that old. But with it sitting idle for a long time, it now needs quite a few work done to it. Hubby already did some work on the roof about a year ago because we saw some water stains in the ceiling of the den. He also spoke with our next door neighbor there [that does odd jobs] to do some of the work on the outside of the house as well. Aside from that, we've also decided to install new carpets so I've been looking at to see the different options we have. We have the usual concerns like prices but with research and careful planning and of course choosing the right place to get the carpets from, we're hoping we'll be able to afford it. I know carpetting is not the only thing that needs to be done there so we really need to watch our budget carefully. Hopefully we'll be able to finish all the necesary fix-ups in that house before mid of next year. I'm of course crossing all that I can cross for this to happen. Goodluck to us.


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