Fashionista in the Making

As early as now, I can tell that the little one likes womens urban fashion. It's evident with the choices she makes when it comes to her clothing. She likes boots, skirt with leggings on, blazers and anything that she calls 'hip'. Two weekends ago we even went shopping because she was looking for a top that will go with an ensemble she created. While we were at the mall she also asked us if she can get a pair of boots to go with her ensemble. Being a Daddy's girl, she got everything she asked for. Well, almost everything...and that's because I was there to say no to some of her wants.

Anyway, I know that she didn't take after me when it comes to her fashion sense. That's simply because I don't have any. I am the jeans-shirt-sandals kind of girl. I don't layer my clothing to look 'cool' or hip. I layer my clothing because I'm cold. She on the other hand does that to obtain a certain look. I must say [being her Mom I guess..ha!] that she comes up with pretty interesting stuff sometimes. Mind you, I'm not against it. I actually like the fact that she has her own style when it comes to fashion. As long as it comes out classy and not trashy, then I'm fine with it. I'm her biggest fan when it comes to that so much so that I take pictures of her whenever she comes up with a new fashion ensemble. Maybe her fashion style may rub on me one day and I may just start dressing up differently. Maybe...


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