Internet Explorer 9

Right now...I'm not a fan of this IE 9 that I just downloaded. I can't figure out how it should work with the blogger platform. That little icon up top that's supposed to make things compatible is doing the opposite. I can't post links...and I can't figure out why. Yep, I'm frustrated alright. If things don't get better, I'm going to switch to another browser and just ditch IE altogether. I don't have the time to mess with it.

That's my vent for the day. :)

So how's your day going? Mine is still busy as can be. I have work waiting left and right, up and down...all around! Ugh! I wish I can just take off and go on a vacation somewhere. Hubby and I were kidding around earlier while we were on the phone talking about going to Timbuktu for a get away. Right now it sounds very appealing even if I know nothing about the place. I know it exists but that's about it.

Anybody here wants to take me on a vacay????


J said…
busy as a bee huh? good for you - more moolah hahaha. paambon nga.

I have not used IE in ages and have not downloaded their latest version. FF seem to work for my computing needs.

sizzling hot na ba dyan? today is the first day since we've been back na talagang mainit dito.

hope the 3 of you are enjoying your early summer in the sunshine state.
Ciela said…
ay sows, shame on me, but no idea what you're talking about! :( still learning little by little. When trouble in my computer pops up, that's the end for me unless somebody gives SOS! hindi kasi techie ang lola nyo!

Haha.. katuwa naman kayo, sa dami ng places sa Timbuktu nyo pa gusto pumunta! On the second thought, why not? I guess you'll be among the very few who'd dare go to that place. :)

Enjoy the day Huling!

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