Another Week....

Should have said...'busy' week. My postings here are becoming less and less frequent because of my rather busy work schedule. Aside from that, I'm also busy doing other things, of course. I've been trying to squeeze in a few minutes of weeding every morning. It's a good addition to my routine of 'sweating it out' since I'm able to accomplish something that I see right away.

Our weekends have also been packed lately. It seems we always find ourselves running some errands almost every weekend now. I must say it's been quite different because we used to just lay back and relax on the weekends. Do I like it? Well, do I have a choice? Tee hee...actually, it's a good change since we get to spend time together outside the house. The little one is loving every minute of it of course. Every weekend when we have to run errands, she'd count how many places we've been for fun. I guess she finds it rather odd that we've been going to several places on the weekends now, eh?

That's basically what's been happening the last couple of weeks around here. It's same-o same-o with a twist. I still have some deadlines to meet so I better stop here and start working. Ciao!


Nancy Janiola said…
Halu Ms. J! Tagal ko na namang di napadpad dito. Busy mode din kasi kakagawa ng blog makeover.

Kamusta na? Naisipan ko lang mag break to bloghop naman bago ako maduling kakatitig sa mga HTML at CSS codes, hehe...

Seriously, kung yung errands na sinasabi mong yan ay to go shopping on weekends, naku di ko tatanggihan, hahah.

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