Another Invite...

...for a friend's upcoming wedding next month. She sent me one of those online invitations and I was hesitant to click it because I thought it was a spam email. I sent her a message in FB and was told it's actually for real!!! The real invitation card is coming in the mail in a few weeks according to her. Woot!!! That's great news because it's about time...LOL! That's what I tell my friends because they're almost at that age where it's now or never...ha! Anyway, I won't be able to attend because her wedding will be in Hawaii...but maybe I can come to her bridal shower and maybe give her a french maid lingerie she can wear on her honeymoon, eh? She's only in another state but it's the next one to us so it's very feasible that I can do go to her shower. There is no date for the shower yet though so I'm not sure when it's going to happen. Maybe I can plan that for her. that's an idea.


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