Taking it Easy...

We’re finally having a more relaxed weekend. We’re still not completely idle but we’re also not running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Hubby’s busy fixing the net around the blackberry bush outside while I’m trying to search for some deals on both cable service and home security system. So far, I have only come across home security clancy plus another one which are not really useful for me because we’re not in the state where this particular company's services are available. I was hoping to find a link somewhere in their site that might lead me to one that has services around here but no such luck yet. I guess I’m going to keep on looking.

As for the cable service, I still have time to look since our contract won’t be expiring anytime soon. I just want to be ready when that time comes so I’ve been checking http://www.localtv-satellite.com/ periodically to make sure I’m not missing any good deals that are being offered. If ever I come across something better than what we have at the moment, I may just switch right away instead of waiting for our current contract to expire. I’m afraid that if I pass on a good deal now, it may not come back after our contract is over so I better just grab it if and when it becomes available. I don’t really want to lose our cable service in the middle of the season when my favorite show on cable is on so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I find a good deal in the coming weeks.


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