Hindsight is 20-20

One of the things I am often asked to do by friends [and some acquaintances as well] whenever I get the chance to communicate with them is to find them a job here. Like that's easy, eh? But that's beside my point here. My point is there are still so many people [especially from the 3rd world countries] who want to come here hoping for a better life. I personally don’t encourage it because I know it’s not as easy as they think it is. Still, I can only offer my personal view. It’s still their decision if they really want to come here. So I wasn’t surprised when a former colleague emailed me recently telling me that he ‘may’ be coming here either late this year or early next year. He is a teacher and we used to work in the same school and eversince I moved here, he has always asked me to find him a job. I guess he was able to find a way to come here because he IS coming in a few months. He is now busy looking for Dallas Homes For Sale because that’s where he’s going. He of course heard that now is a good time to look [and probably buy] a house because of the low prices.

I can understand why he’s looking into Dallas Real Estate right now. He is probably very excited since he’s been wanting to come here for the longest time. I just wish he’d wait until he gets here before he actually buys a house. He said he is only looking at Dallas Homes for Sale and not buying one yet. I sure hope he’s not…not yet anyway. I don’t want him to jump into anything because of his excitement in coming over. I don’t think he knows the magnitude of relocating not only him but his whole family. Sadly, I have one too many friends who came here with their family in tow only to realize they should have waited until they themselves are settled in a new land before petitioning their loved ones. But as the saying goes…hindsight is 20-20…


Ciela said…
Very normal na yatang ambition yan ng mga Pinoy. ..to reach for the
"great american dream"! E kasi naman, sobrang bagsak ang economy ng Pinas kaya do or die na ang marami to look for greener pastures whether in the US or other countries basta lang may trabaho. Pag umuwi ka dito Huling, naku makikita mo, maaawa ka sa sitwasyon ng marami at ng Pinas in general! :(

Hayyy.. buhay! Hope you can be with us in praying for a better Phillipines! Have a nice day!

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