Hula Hooping!

Yep! I'm trying to put some new spin in my 'so called' daily work out routine....hula hooping. That's me this morning in the middle of our living room hula hooping for about half an hour.

Hula hooping was my original choice when I started thinking about losing my 'spare tire' know...the one in the mid-section that just wouldn't go away? I was thinking it's the perfect way to do just that since my mid-section will be doing most of the exercise. But that plan went kaput. I 'hula hooped' alright but only until the little one learned how to hula hoop herself. At least something came out of that first attempt, eh? The little one is now a pro in hula hooping that she even demand some one on one face-off with me....LOL.

Anyway, I still picked it up every now and then in the last few months but only for fun. This time though, I'm thinking of doing it at least 3x a week for about 30 minutes to an hour....while watching TV. I am hoping that after a few weeks, I would at least see the spare tire getting a wee bit smaller....fingers crossed of course.

So...wish me luck!


~ "C" said…
nax ang taray! I wanna do it too. pero maliit lang bahay namin.....hmmmmm. baka mabasag lahat! heheh. i miss you. friday na! i think it conked out last friday!
Ciela said…! Talagang kina-career mo ang iyong work-out ha? But where's the spare tire? It's so shapely naman ah!
You look cute Huling!

Saturday na... time to have some fun!
J said…
oo nga, nasaan ang spare tire(I'm sounding like Tita B)? or magaling ka lang bang magtago hahaha? anong height mo Tuks? mukhang pareho kayong matangkad ni M. kaya tuloy si E parang kawayan.

pansin mo na busy ako sa blog? si sheriff ba naman biglang tinapunan ako ng 23 na isusulat sa isang blog sabay sabay pa ang expiration. nataranta ako, at feel ko mag-reklamo but I changed my mind and wrote them like a mad man. I was tied up for a few days and at least pansamantala nawaglit ang mga iniisip.

it's been tough here but I'm trying to get by. nakakabaliw lalo na at mag-isa ako all day. as you said, unti-unti maging ok din ako. nakaka-sad lalo kasi my brother is inundated with tasks/issues to take care of and ang nagyayari tuloy napapasa sa amin yun burden kahit wala kami dun kasi call ng call. bunso kasi, at may pagka- mama's boy pa kasi unico hijo.

what's doing this weekend? stay cool.

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