Another Degree

Not mine but for my over-achiever [I think] nephew. I just saw a picture of his graduation in FB. This time he graduated with a masters degree in Special Education. Last year he graduated with a medical degree. Earlier this year he got his medical license when he passed the board. I knew he was simultaneously going to medical school and earning another degree in Special Education. I just didn't know that he'd finish the 2 this closely. I actually thought he would not pursue a medical degree anymore because after finishing his bs degree, he went to work as a guidance counselor which gave him the chance to work with kids with special needs. At that time he told me how much he likes helping/teaching/interacting with these kids and that he was thinking of going back to school for a special ed degree. Well, he did the unthinkable and enrolled in med school...then enrolled to take some units for an MA in special ed. I guess he just couldn't disappoint his father who was the one that wanted him to become a doctor eversince he was born.


Ciela said…
Omg! Bow ako sa iyong nephew! Super brainy! Not surprising after all coz he's got a brainy aunt! For sure, nasa gene nya yan!

Busy pa rin ba Huling? Obvious nga eh! Over sa dami ang paid ops and for sure dami pa yan outside blogging!

Take it easy! Enjoy your Monday!

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