Shoe Shopping...

Hubby needs a new pair of work shoes. The pair he's using gave out today so he needs to wear another pair tomorrow. He doesn’t really get a ‘new pair' to use for work. His work shoes are usually a ‘hand me down’ from himself. Confusing? Well, when he buys new shoes to wear on weekends or when he’s not working, the old pair becomes his work shoes. He doesn’t collect shoes. He only has the pairs that he needs…a pair that he can use for formal occasions, a pair for casual affairs and a pair of either running or canvas shoes.

Anyway, since he needs a fresh pair of work shoes for the rest of this week maybe he’ll finally use those work boots that are just gathering dust in the closet which I doubt because he finds them too hot for comfort. He’ll probably just wear the running shoes he uses on the weekend then we’ll probably go shopping this weekend for replacements. I wonder if I can convince him to buy steel toe boots for a change. Ha! Maybe not since we’re in the sunshine state…and it’s summer….and boots will probably be not in style right now.


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