Early Morning Weeding...

That's what I did this morning. It seems my weekends are packed so I decided to devote some time this morning...and probably the coming ones as well...tending to my much neglected flower beds. Besides, on the weekend even if I'm not busy with other things, it's way too hot already when I get the chance to actually work outside. Anyway, hubby has been getting weekends off now so he's back in trying to do some improvements which our yard needs so badly. When we started a few weeks ago, we bought a lot of plants, some mulch, pebbles and a few decorative stones. Then hubby got busy at work so everything was put on hold.

Last weekend, he was able to put down some pebbles again but we still need to do something about the flower beds up front. He is also very frustrated about the weeds overtaking the yard so he just wants to strip it of the grass it still has and just hire someone to do some landscaping and use landscape mulch to cover the ground instead of laying sod again. We actually spoke with a landscaper but they're so busy right now they can't do it as soon as we'd like it done. Solution...hubs will probably do it...if he has the time, of course. I've already checked the Rubber Mulch website because if the husband will do it, then we'll probably be ordering some mulch ourselves. I want to be prepared when that time comes to prevent anymore delays. Frankly, I'm tired of weeding....ooppss....did I just say that out loud???


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