Jam Packed!

That's today for us. We have a series of appointments to go to throughout the day. So far, one down...2 more to go. The last one will take the whole afternoon since it's for the 3 of us. Can you say...ugh? Nah...it's a break from the monotony of work day in, day out.

Right now we're back home busy tapping away on our little gadgets. The little one is doing some internet for classroom stuff to keep her busy and learning something before we go to the next appointment. The hubs [who took the day off....hallelujah!] is also busy on his little netbook...working away from work, maybe? Me...as usual...doing some work here and there...and blogging...while waiting for laundry to be done. Life!

I haven't been blogging much because of the busy schedule I have with work. I still come here everyday, I just don't have the time to write something down...unless I have to...if you know what I mean...tee hee..

That's basically life for me nowadays....work, work, and some work. Busy but thankful for it. Hopefully it stays this way for a long time....


Ciela said…
What appointments were those? ..Appointments to the mall, movie and restaurant? hehe..

..at hindi ka pa pala nakakapag-blogging nyang lagay na yan ha? E mukhang wala ng mapaglagyan ang mga paid ops mo. dami talagang blessings!

Oops, akalain mo, almost 1:00am na pala. See you again Huling!

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