Venturing Out the Country

Not too long ago, I posted something about how a lot of people that I know want to come and work here in this country. One of those people is someone dear to me…my nephew who recently became a licensed medical doctor back home. Actually, he wants to work overseas, period. I’ve been trying to talk him out of it…at least for now. I want him to use his degree there first before venturing outside the country. Well, it seems my last talk with him worked because he just sent me a message letting me know that he just took a job at the hospital where he had his residency. I’m thrilled to say the least so I’m now at browsing. Guess why? LOL…

Anyway, I know how much he really wants to work abroad because he’s been talking about his friends who are already in different parts of the world. I have to explain it piece by piece to him how it is to actually live and work abroad since I’ve done it myself. He knows I have some valid points and he also knows that I will support him no matter what he decides. He probably spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to decide so as a ‘prize’, I’m going to buy medical scrubs for him to use in his new job. I know he probably doesn’t need a lot of them since he has a collection already but it wouldn’t hurt to send him some more, does it? I know he’ll like them.


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