Vacation for Real

Last month, we went on a couple of road trips. We had a good time especially during the first one because we went as a family. Much as I hate long travels, those 2 weren't as bad. Can I consider those 2 trips as 'vacations'? Not really. Those 2 were done in a hasty manner and that's what made them even more fun to me. No time consumed looking for that perfect place to stay or preparing clothes to take with us. All we did was pack a suitcase, hopped in the car then drove...and drove...for the next 8+ hours. Tiring to say the least.

So now I'm actually longing to have a vacation for real. Apparently, so does someone else in this household. So much so that he's been looking at galveston vacation rentals online over the weekend. There is no definite date yet as to when this 'real vacation' will take place but I'm crossing my eyes...err...fingers that it will happen before the year ends. This time around, no hours of driving for us. We may still have to spend hours at the airport waiting but I'm hoping that will be a little less tiring than sitting on a car for 8 hours to get to our destination.


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