Winter Clothes

One of the things that the husband wants me and the little one to experience sometime is snow. We live in a state where snow is next to an impossibility so the chance of that happening where we're very doubtful. He himself grew up where snow is abundant so we may just visit his hometown one of these days so we can experience snow ourselves. There is a good chance that we may be able to go this coming winter so I should probably start looking at snowboard jackets from just in case we go snowboarding during that visit. Both the little one and I don't have any snow jackets or any heavey winter clothes for that matter. Hubby still has some of his jackets from years ago but they probably don't fit him anymore so he may need some new one as well. Oh seems we have to buy a bunch of clothes if and when we make that winter trip. I should probably start buying the clothes little by little, eh?


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