Zac Efron Eating BALUT!

Yesterday I posted about Zac Efron kind of promoting the Philippines in the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Like I mentioned in the post, he had some good words about the visit. Last Thursday night [I think], he was a guest in the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He again mentioned the Philippines and how much he enjoyed the trip. He also gave more details as to why he visited and his lifelong desire to visit the country.

Basing on his interviews, he had a blast during the visit. Not only that, he also tried eating Balut!

 Watch as he shared his experience and his video of trying balut for the first time....



Ciela said…
This Zac Efron knows how to make Pinoys happy kasi he felt the very warm welcome by swarm of fans anywhere in the country. Katuwa sya kasi marunong makisama sa culture ng Pinoy.

I thought of blogging about his visit kaya lang di nagawa hanggang napanis na. Lol!

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