Headband Lover

The little one has always loved hats and headbands. We're probably partly responsible for that because we made her wear one or the other when she was still a baby. She had very thin hair to the point that you would think she's bald and to avoid being confused as a boy, we'd put on something girly on her like those headbands with big ribbons or cute pink hats. Well, now that she's all grown up she rarely leaves the house without one of the other or both. Yep, both. Sometimes she's wearing a headband under her hat or she'd put the headband on her hat. Ha! I think we've spent a small fortune on her hats and headbands already. Everytime we go to a store that sells hair accessories, we'd always come out with a headband or two.

It was during one of our trips to the store that I thought that maybe we [well, she actually] should start making and designing her own headbands. I realized that those accessorized headbands we buy from the stores are not that hard to make. All we have to do is buy some things like feather pads for headbands, ribbons and the headbands itself and voila, we'll have those accessorized headbands at a much cheaper cost. She can probably make 4 or more headbands at the cost of one headband we would buy from the store. She is very also creative and this will be one way for her to express her creativity.


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