September certainly was a busy month for us here. We welcomed it with a trip to North Georgia and guess what, we also bid it goodbye by traveling back to Georgia. How tiring it must have been, eh? Surely was. But it was fun because we went together. The first one we took during the Labor Day weekend was an unplanned trip. That meant just packing a suitcase and going with no to very little plan in place. We took our chances as far as accommodations were concerned because that was a holiday weekend. The first 2 hotels we went to were booked. Luckily we found one that's not. It was a fun trip as I narrated in a couple of posts here because we were able to visit a couple of cool places.

That first trip was mostly for fun...with a little bit of 'business'. The trip we took the past weekend was more business. It's also not a long weekend [unlike the first trip] so we only had the usual 2-day weekend off of work. But we decided to drive there Friday afternoon to give us ample time to do our thing the whole day of Saturday. The thing with these trips is majority of the time is spent on the road driving. How long? Well, about 8 hours with short stops here and there...about 7 if we only stopped once for gas. Anyway, we made it to our destination at around 9 PM. Checked in at the hotel then went to bed as soon as we could and got up bright and early the next day. We met up with our contact and off we went to do what we came there to do. We finished everything at around 7 PM, had dinner then back to our hotel.

I thought I'd be snoozing like a baby that night because of our very busy day...but boy was I ever wrong. First, I couldn't fall asleep.  When I finally did ~ which was in the wee hours of the next day ~ I woke up after a few minutes because I was nauseated. After I did my business in the loo, the hubs asked where I put the Tylenol. It turned out he had a headache. Ugh! We finally dozed off about 4 in the morning. We took our time getting up just to give our bodies a chance to recuperate from whatever it was that hit us [we think it's the collard greens we ordered since it's the only common thing we ate]. But we eventually had to get up because we had to hit the road again for our [long] trip back home. I think we left North GA at around '11ish' and only stopped once for gas and bathroom break. We reached home sweet home at around 6 PM. We fed our hungry bellies, got cleaned up then hit the hay...at around 10. Ha! Well, there's a lot of things to do so I still turned in late. At least I was out like a light as soon as I hit my ever so comfy bed.

What a month we had. I wonder what the last 3 months have in store for us. I hope [and pray!] only good things, ayt?


J said…
yung collard greens may poison??? (LOL). mukhang that must have been the culprit. baka leftover ng resto at overstock sila hahaha. glad to know na oks na kayo and your trip was not totally ruined.

ang haba ng biyahe. it reminds me of the trip from Manila to Laoag. we used to do long drives kasi sobrang loaded at lahat ng Ilocos food gustong dalhin pabalik sa Manila.

tulog ka na ba with the rain? (lol).

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