Unusually Busy

Not crazy busy but busy enough.

My computer time has been cut somehow because my laptop is on 'bedrest'. It started with a simple crackling sound when I tried to close its lid. I've done that hundreds of times but it's the first time I heard that sound. It turned out the screw broke. For the next several day, I didn't close it. Over the weekend, I asked McGyver to take a look at it closely. He did. He opened it like a can of sardines and tried to fix it...then unfixed it. Ha! Right now, we're waiting on some parts for it. The first one arrived yesterday. Hopefully, the rest will arrive either today or tomorrow so McG can finish fixing it.

But you know what? I kinda' like my new routine. I'm off my computer at around 8 at night so I get to lay down and just watch TV or do some puzzles while waiting to doze off at night. Maybe I'll keep this routine even if my lappy is no longer on bedrest. We'll see...


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