I like those cute club dresses! They're adorable! That's what the little one said when she saw the dresses I was looking at online earlier. She likes cute clothes alright and it's understandable because she's a girl. She sat down beside me and watched while I browsed the site. As usual, she had to pick out a couple that she likes and asked if she can get them. I told her I'd think about it. She asked me to bookmark them so she can show them to Dad. Ha! She knows it's easier to convince Dad compared to her more reasonable [?] Mom.  I like cute dresses myself but I rarely get to wear them and so does she. Besides it's getting cold already so I'm not sure if we should get her some now or if we should wait until after winter. But knowing her convincing power when it comes to Dad, we may end up getting those 2 dresses she has bookmarked.

Anyway, today feels a lot more like Fall already. There was a little nip in the air when I opened the door to send the hubby to work this morning. Our temperatures are still in the low 80s during the day but it sure feels nice to go out there throughout the day because it's no longer scorching hot. The little one said that she felt a bit cold and looked for a pair of jeans to wear. Lo and behold, none of the jeans left in her closet fit her. The ones that do are already in the laundry which are in the washer while I'm typing this. That's the story of our life now. We have to get her a new set of wardrobe every few months because she outgrows them quite fast. This is also the reason why I'm hesitant to get her those cute dresses she wants. I'm afraid that by the time she can wear them, they will be too small for her already. I guess I'll have to convince her [and Dad, maybe?] that it's better to get her dresses after the cold season. That's reasonable enough, eh?


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