A Tool Box Staple

Buying a gift for someone is never an easy task for me. This is especially true if the gift is for the man of the house here. It was a lot easier when we first got together because I just picked whatever I thought he needed. But as the years go by, I'm realizing that he doesn't need much because if he needs something then he gets it. This of course leaves me with very little choices. But this may be my lucky year because I already know what to get him for this coming holiday season...a Martor USA utility knife! Why? Because the old utility knife he has has gone MIA. He thinks he may have left it somewhere when they did a service call because it's always in his tool box. He remembers using it but he couldn't remember if he replaced it in his tool box or not. Boom! My only problem is how to make sure he doesn't get a replacement for it anytime soon. Like I said earlier, if he needs something, he buys it. And that utility knife is something of a staple in his tool box so I have to find a way to stop him from getting one before I could get him one. Any ideas?


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