Vacation Rentals

One of places I have yet to see is South Carolina. Hubby has been to both the Carolinas and he wants to take me and the little one there one of these days. That day maybe sooner than later because we're planning in driving that way one of these weekends. Woot!

When we went to GA last month, we stayed in hotels. That's because we only had the weekend to stay there and we only needed a place to sleep. For this trip we're planning, we may stay there for a full week and it will mostly be for fun. Instead of staying in a hotel, I'm looking at places like myrtle beach house rentals oceanfront because it's cheaper and we get a whole house to ourselves. I already found one with 2 bedrooms oceanfront and the rent for a full week will equate to a 3-night stay at a hotel. Now that's a lot cheaper, right? It's Fall so the rents are much lower than when it's summer so we might just take advantage of this opportunity. We don't really like to swim. We just like that ambiance that we get when we're near the water. And to me, an oceanfront getaway is the best place to get that.


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