A Card for No Reason

and the best kind of card I must say are those given to you just because....

What can I say, we have the sweetest little one in the whole wide world and probably, beyond. This is not the first time she gave me and/or her Dad a card like this. The others are not as 'decorated' as this one but equally special to us. Needless to day, she's our world and you can probably understand why that is.


Ciela said…
Ohhh.. napaka-sweet naman ni Erica! Who wouldn't be touched by such gesture from a loving dawtah! Yung effort lang na ibinuhos nya dyan sa card is enough to warm your heart eh. Much more pa sa namumulagat na affirmation ng "I Love You!" Yes, I understand why she's your world!

Musta ba ang weather dyan? I hope you won't be affected by hurricane Sandy. Ingat much!
J said…
wow!!! my pamangkin is really sweet.

I'm here dropping by (after two days of being offline) while eagerly (sigh) awaiting for Sandy to wreck havoc in our area. seriously, I hope it is not as bad as they are predicting. baka ma offline ako longer than I want to if we lost power.

henywey, hope all is well and your Sunday is as relaxing as can be.

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