Remembering Her On Her Birthday!

She would have been 83 years old today. My Nanay. I still miss her even if it's been 12 years already since she passed. A lot of my cousins often say that I look like her. Maybe we do but there's more to it than meets the eye.

We're both teachers. We both got married late to fulfill some 'obligations' to loved ones. As soon as those 'obligations' were met, we jumped into the 'wife' bandwagon so to speak. We both moved away from family to start a family of our own. We both chose family over career.

I can probably go on and on about our similarities but I won't. Because whatever I say, it can only mean one more ways than one....'I have become my mother'. And to me, that is a good thing because I would rather be a woman who gave up everything for her family than the other way around.

Happy birthday, Nay!


Ciela said…
Oh my, your Nanay passed away at a considerably young age of 71! Young pa yun sa kin kasi my Ina passed away at 95. Oh di ba? Quotang-quota sya? Dami nyo din palang similarities ng iyong mommy 'no?! Parang nagiging idol yata ng mga dawters ang mga nanay eh. Same here Huling, happy to have given up everything for the family. Yun na!
Happy birthday to Nanay! For sure, she's happy wherever she is now!
How's the weather on that side of the globe? Maginaw na ba? Ingat lagi!
J said…
Tita B, oh wow!!! 95 is hard to beat! quota nga Mom mo.

Tuks, I think we'll never stop missing our parents even long after they're gone. mga sandalan natin sila kumbaga. madalas, I well up and biglang emote ako when I remember my parents especially when I have those real 'bad' days.

mukhang pre-occupied ka. appointments??? house hunting???? or just busy teaching E????

have a great day! kami dito cloudy and mukhang nagbabadyang umulan.

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