New Kitchen Cabinets

Last weekend, after having his car's oil change my husband went to check on the other house. We've been quite busy on the weekends during the past several months so we weren't able to check on it for a while. We pay someone to do the outside maintenance of the property so the grass is cut regularly. Aside from a much needed washing on the sides of the house itself, the outside looks okay for the most part. The inside is another story though. Aside from the much needed cleaning, it seems we may have to replace the base kitchen cabinets as well as the blinds in the kitchen because they're starting to fall apart. We really don't want to spend anymore money on it but it maybe necessary to replace those cabinets if we want to sell the place one day. I just hope that after the much needed cleaning and changes to it, somebody will buy it already. It's a money pit to say the least.


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