Sleeping the Whole Night Through


So dinner here is done. I still have to do some clean up in the kitchen then it is pre-bedtime routine for our little girl. The routine includes her bath, our nightly reading and the longest of all good nights. I used to stay with her in the bedroom until she fell asleep but a few months ago, I had to wean her of that. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy because she got so used to the hum of my laptop. She couldn’t go to sleep without "that noise" so it’s been a struggle for all of us here. After weeks of this struggle, my husband and I are now planning of getting a White Noise Machine for her bedroom. I started searching for one online and I am leaning more and more in getting the Marpac 980A. It is a SleepMate Sound Conditioner that is very affordable. I am very confident that with this White Noise Machine , our little one will not only be able to go to sleep but stay asleep the whole night through.


Bless said…
Hello sis :-) thanks for dropping by at my blog. Yup she's trying to learn how to walk now. Mejo makulit na din :-) Ingat kayo jan.
Anonymous said…
Hi there poh, am happy yep hubby is here! Mukang need ko din yang white noise machine na yan ah.
huling, i'm thinking of buying my own domain. did you have a hard time changing all the urls in your applied programs (paid blogging, etc? did you ask all your backlinks to update your url?
no pr yet to worry about as i started my blog jan 28-07 and google did their pr rating late feb. however, just in case google is now indexing sites for its next pr rating, patay! zero ang new url ko.
sleep ka na! it's 10 pm na. i'll log off now. have to take ethan to his summer program.

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