ATV Off Road Racing


I like to watch some shows in the Country Music Channel. Aside from the usual music videos, they now have a lot of other shows aired during the day. One of the shows I was watching showed an ATV off road racing. I was just glued on the TV while the race was going on, first, because it looked rally fun and second, I have not really done anything like it. I don’t drive [yet] but I think I would really want to learn how to drive an ATV someday because it looks a lot safer and more fun. Anyway, after seeing the show I told my husband about it so he told me to look it up online. I did and I found a lot information on this ‘sport’ at Texas ATV. It has forums, events, as well as riding areas that ATV lovers can check. I don’t know if we are ever going to get an ATV anytime soon but it’s good to find a place where information is available if my husband decides to get one in the future. Hey, maybe I’ll learn to drive it instead of a car, eh?


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