Weekend is Almost O-V-E-R!


Yes, it is. But just like what I said yesterday, there is really no difference for a 'dakilang' WAHM like yours truly.

I didn't do much today. I blogged a bit and hopped a bit. I tried to 'hit back' those who came over also...that's about it. Dinner was very simple...we only had 'bratwurst' sandwiches. Well, my hubs and the little one did anyway. I had rice....of course...with green beans and some left-over chicken from KFC yesterday.

Like I mentioned earlier, the husband went to the house to move some dirt. He said that there's a cleaning crew in the house when he arrived. He was still there when they left so he went in the house to check their 'handiwork'. He WAS NOT pleased...of course! I don't know about other workers but the ones we've had so far [we didn't hire them, the builder did] did sloppy jobs.

My husband was talking about the 'walk-thru' again today which will be soon. I told him that I don't even want to be there because I'm sure it will be filled with 'complaints'. He can do a better job doing that as it's American vs. American. But...I have to be there! Sigh...

Anyway, my supposed to be short post turned long again [hello!]....so I better end here.

Thanks to all who got this far...haha. I'll see you all when I see you.

Have a great week ahead!!!!


tx sweetie said…
napadaan this early mownin Mizz J.akala ko pa sandwich2x ka nalang jan Miss J.mga pinay talaga hindi kompleto ang araw pag walang rice ewan bakit ganyan.ako parang mamatay ako sa gutom pag walang rice.gusto ko white rice,hindi wild rice o spanish rice kundi JASMINE talaga hekhek..
Gorgeous MUM said…
good luck on your "cleaning inspection"!

re: TPE. we lived downtown because hubby works in 101. we were there for about a year only from aug 2004-2005. we couldn't stand those rude taiwanese freaks and their scary earthquakes!

i remember getting this expat book from that int'l community in tien mu. copied all the places i'll be going to and had it laminated to show it to the cabbies who mostly don't speak english! i love going to dante's and shopping in 101 and takashimaya.

i miss that place once in a while, but just the shopping bit! LOL!!!

have a lovely day, mommy J!

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