What's in a Name???


Apparently, a lot! Hehe...I've done this "survey" in my other blog a while ago but Lena tagged me yesterday. Out of fear, I am doing it again.....hahaha! Just kidding Lena...LOL! Btw, I will be waiting for that 'balato' you're giving me when [not "if" take note] you win that Lotto. It's been a while since ako eh nag kape...dyan sa Pilipinas.

Anyway, back to the tag about "What's in my name?". I mentioned it when I did this the first time but I did not care much for my name when I was younger. It's known to be a name for older people as it's pronounced with an "H" in the Philippines...so I would have nicknames like Hulia or something similar. I even became "Lola and Matua" [ which I grew fond of] to high school friends. So until I started teaching in Taiwan, I was "Julie", "Juls", or "Julia" to friends and acquaintances. Then Taiwan came and my name was 'reborn'. It became "Juliana" with the "J" sound. I became "Ms Juliana" to my students and co-teachers and it stuck.

I think my husband fell in love with my name first before he fell in love with me. I even remember him telling me early on that he will name his daughter "Juliana"...that was before any 'hanky panky' happened between us...LOL! What do you know, he now has "Juliana" for a wife instead of a daughter....hahaha.

What Juliana Means

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.

You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries.

You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.

And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life.

You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.


Nova said…
Interesting tag and your traits are true. walang halong biro...

kahit na di pa kita na meet personally te juls, i do find you that so nice and a good person. that's why i'm keeping you...

happy monday, maaga ako ngayon kasi i have to shoutout someone i missed so much
Nelle said…
Okay, is this all true? hehe,
Well I think you are way too fun and nice as a person. YOu can brighten up someone's life with your words and deeds. Im really glad I met u on this virtual world. haha

btw, I like that "Lola and Matua" but I wonder what Matua is..
Anonymous said…
picking up the tag now,ive done this in my adventures already and I will post it in my aveeandy. Jackpot pala ang mister mo sayo hihihi =) Ganda ng lahi nyong dalawa hah =) tignan mo naman ang final product nyo cute na cut.
Emzkie said…
helo Juliana. musta na? the meaning of ur name is very nice. =) I think im done with this tag already, but im still going to post it for you in my bravejournal. i will be back later if im done na ok! im cooking pa kasi. =)
Emzkie said…
Im done with the tag sis! pakitingin nalang sa bravejournal. tnx again!
grabe both type A.Yes! we are high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about the smallest of delays.
nga pala, no balato yet. hindi ako nakataya. haba pila eh.

julia and juliana (J not H) are very cool names now. hindi na pnag matanda with nicknames of Huli, Huling and Hulia lol!

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