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So our little one had her birthday not too long ago. I mentioned in my one of my posts how much she bugged us about wanting to get Buzz Lightyear as a gift. She was relentless in asking us to get her one. We didn't know if it's still available so we told her that. Just the same, there's not a day that she wouldn't say that 'it would really make her happy if...'. Ha! Giving us the 'guilt trip'.

Daddy started looking for it in the nearby stores but he couldn't find the one that's the same as the one in the movie. Worried that he may not find it, he bought one which is not the same color as the one she wanted...but he finally found 'the one' on her birthday itself. So, she got 2 of Buzz green and one brown.

Aside from the gifts we got her, her Aunt got her the Easy Bake Oven which I blogged about as well. She also got a tent and the other Toy Story characters, all of them. In other words, she got A LOT of TOYS!!! Here are some of them...I took a picture just for this entry.

So it's now 2 weeks after her birthday. The "toy fever" has run its course. The tent has been standing might for 2 weeks...only to be ignored. Buzz got tired of saying: To Infinity and Beyond...only to be ignored as well. It is now, in other words, forgotten...just 2 WEEKS after she begged for it.

So...what is she playing with now???
An empty chocolate box, an empty tissue box, straw, an empty vitamin plastic bottle, string and some tape and papers.

Moral of this long story: Next time she asks for toys....we're getting her...boxes, straws, string, papers and empty plastic bottles. They're cheap [even free] and they're easy to find.


two weeks is a long time na. ethan plays with his toys for ummmmmmm... a few hours after the initial euphoria of opening the gift.. tapos, wala.

moral: do not buy overly expensive toys at this time siguro pag 25 na sila para mag mahaba attention span!
Nova said…
thats cute.. she finally got what she likes too...

te juls.. please update my url i bought a domain and got a new one obviously... is my new domain...

thanks in advance
Nancy said…
hahaha,makatula ya ing anak mu lolz.
bigay ko na pswrd ko sa yo para yong comments mo pwede ng post! lol.
anyway dami pa ko kwento sa online scam programs... kasi naging victim din ako..

sige. me lagnat pa nga ako eh.. blog pa rin.. have a great weekend!

taya ako lotto ha. pag nanalo padalan kita pera at umumuwi ka dito para mag kape.
hahaha! At least she gets to develop her creativity and imagination.

Who knows maybe she'll develop a love for architecture or fashion designing from her play time. ^_^

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