What's Up???


Been pretty uneventful here in the homefront. I had some work this morning...which is good. Today is also laundry day...tada! And I just got done with the folding. Right now I'm watching 'Crossing Jordan' while waiting for some more work to be released.

I have not done a lot of hopping yet...will do that in a few. I just visited those who came by already. I am really thankful to all those that came by already even if I have not been showing up as frequently as I used to.

To all of you...


honey said…
I luvs Ya too....muaaahhh!
Merydith said…
Buti pa kayo Jul everything seems to be in place. Kami ang dami pang i-upgrade dito sa bahay namin. Salamat nga pala sa comment. Yong oras ko is with Kiko most of the time. Pagdating kasi ng lolo nya I am going back to work so for sure I will miss him so bonding talaga. As with the phone calls, even when she is applying for a loan recently lang ginagamit pa din nya. Yong mga collectors nga first payment niya tawag ng tawag iba iba lang. We are really thinking of getting a new number.

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