Our Kitchen Gadgets....


I mentioned last weekend that we were going to pick out the kitchen appliances. Our builder had a store where they have some kind of an agreement so we had to go there. There were not a lot of people so it was a stress-free trip to the store.

My husband is a Whirpool person. He just likes the product he said. Me? I am an any kind of appliance person. That's probably why it's easy to please me. As long as it's functional and it does not take all the space in the kitchen, then I'm fine with it.

Of course the salesman did his pep talks but he picked on the one thing that my husband said and centered his sales talk around that 'one thing': fingerprint-free appliances. Actually, it's not "that important" to my husband. He merely mentioned it and of course the sales man picked that one to concentrate on. Alrighty then...

We want to have stainless appliances. So we already knew what to look for when we went in. We also told the guy about that and voila...he had the perfect products for us...yes, it's fingerprint-free!

He led us to the stainless appliances of different brands. But it's obvious what he wanted to sell because he kept building it up...Frigidaire. Fortunately, we also liked the series he showed us. Here's the kitchen appliance set that we chose:

Frigidaire Professional Series®

The Frigidaire® Professional Series® is perhaps our most beautifully designed collection of home and kitchen appliances ever. Crafted in durable brushed stainless steel, each piece promises to add class and artistry to the heart of your home. And of course, all our appliances deliver the superior performance and solid craftsmanship Frigidaire is famous for.

Here are some pictures from the Frigidaire website. I can't find a picture of the oven but it's part of the series so it looks very similar to these 3.

We also picked out the washer and dryer and chose this combo:

"Frigidaire Affinity"

I think we chose the gray colored one to go with the bunch...but I'm not positive on that...haha.

There 'ya go. I have to hit the hay now as I am a bit tired as usual. See you all when I see you!!


neiyomee said…
wow nice gadgets!! hope we could have that frigidaire one of these days...
Woah very cool fridge! Wish our upcoming new home had those gadgets that would really be nice and handy. ^_^
Nova said…
ang gan da naman nag gadgets na yan.... nice talaga para sa kitchen place nyo te juls....
Prily said…
i love those!i love gray colors and i have the same colors as well.nice choice!
hello juls. hope i can grab one of these gadgets. lol. ganda!
Nelle said…
I love stainless steel appliances. Im in love with our fridge.. hehe,, no wonder your house will turn out beautiful. nice nice
bluedreamer27 said…
hey thos eare so cool app.
gheeeh nice one

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