Amy Winehouse...


Amy Winehouse is the English singer who has this beehive kind of hairdo that some kids are copying! I keep seeing her pictures everywhere online so I thought I'd list down the positive vs. negative things I've read about her so far in an attempt to find out why a lot of people are fascinated with her and while some kids are idolizing her.

Let's start with the positive...

- She just won 5 Grammy awards.

-->> Ummm....that's all???

Let's list the negative...[mostly based on the news]

- She has alcohol problems
- She has drug problems
- She's self destructive
- Her husband is in jail.
- She was just arrested for suspicion of assault [allegedly]
- She was photographed drinking what looked like tequila shot with her left hand while holding a toddler with her right one.

Okay....I know these are just based on the tabloids news. But if you look at her pictures on the news, you can't help but kind of believe these negative news about her.

Right now, I am happy for only one thing. That my little girl is way too young to even care about celebrities. That's it.


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