My Wish, His Wish...


My husband and I have our own “wish” list. “Wish” list because they need a lot of money to be granted. For my wish list, I want to visit the Philippines one day and visit my family and friends. It’s a bit more expensive than what my husband wants but in due time, it will happen. As for my husband, he has quite a list but I have an idea as to what he will probably get first and it’s for our car. What could it be? Status wheels and rims that he has been wanting for his car eversince I met him. As a matter of fact, he has this site bookmarked where discount wheels, rims and tires packages are available. The site has the hottest deals and has custom wheel rim and tire package that will be perfect for his car. With the prices they have it in this site, his wish may not be too hard to grant after all.


Don't worry your wishlist is very S.M.A.R.T.:

Realistic and
Time Bounded

hehehe where did that come from? anyway, Mrs. APB how many years kana ba away from the Pinas? Do you get homesick? But I guess not since you have a new home already.

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