Chill in the A-I-R....

...and guess what? I'm wearing a sweater! HA! I'm sure my husband would be laughing his head off if he sees me wearing a sweater now...but I care not.'s been a pleasant couple of days around here. I think Fall received the memo already that it should be here by now and to stop procrastinating. Per our weather people on TV, highest this week will be in the mid-80s while lowest is in the low 60s. I know somebody will be the happiest because of this...his name starts with 'hus' and ends with 'band'.

Incidentally, today is also Columbus Day on this side of the world. It's considered a national holiday which means federal offices are closed. With that being said, we don't normally observe regular holidays here in our household. We usually do our normal stuff on days like today. I work from home, husband has his own small business while the little one is homeschooled. We schedule our own holidays. That means we can take off anytime we want but we don't. We normally do it when husband's schedule is not that busy. I'm glad that we have this kind of set-up because we can dictate our own schedule. I'm just glad that we can do it this way and frankly speaking I would not have it any other way.

Anyway, the weekend went by usual. We stayed home for the most part. We only went out to go to the store then headed back home right after. That's us. We normally don't plan our weekends. If we do, it's usually last minute. Actually a lot of our plans are last minute. To us it's more fun that way. Spur of the moment. For one, I hate that feeling of disappointment when a plan we're working on just falls through so I would rather not plan to avoid that. I tend to overthink about it [a plan] as well so most of the time it takes the fun out of it. So yeah, I'd go with a spur of the moment trip over a planned one anytime. How about you?


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