Electric Guitar

My friend's son is into playing different instruments at the moment. I remember my friend kind of forcing him to learn to play the piano when he was still very young, That's her instrument of choice but that didn't go very far because he's more interested in other instruments like the drums and electric guitar. My friend already got him a set of drum when he was younger and he now plays it with his band. He's now asking for a custom prs s2 electric guitar for his upcoming birthday. His birthday is still a few months away so my friend is doing her research as to what kind of an electric guitar she should get him. I'm trying to help her by sending her the links of different electric guitar I find online as well as some recommendations from my musician brother who knows a thing or two when it comes to electric guitar because that his instrument of choice. I just wish that one day, I'll be able to actually hear her son play both the drums and guitar in person. Maybe one day.


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