Hurricane Matthew

The last time I posted about a weather disturbance here was a few months ago when TS Colin swung by. What can I say...but the coverage for Colin's 'arrival' at that time was over the top. I don't know if that's the norm now when it comes to these kinds of things but I know it is...haha. It seems that when some kind of a weather disturbance is in the horizon the weather people just overdo it.

Now comes Matthew. Well, he already came a couple of days ago. It seems Matthew made worldwide news because even my friends I haven't heard from in months emailed asking how we are doing. Well appreciated of course but I just wish they didn't have to worry about nothing. I even read in the news that a well known TV anchor went as far as saying that people will die if they don't evacuate. What? I know that a hurricane can be devastating but to go on TV saying that can just create unnecessary stress and panic...and panic they did unfortunately. Some hotels raised their rates 3x more than the regular rate. I even saw in the news that a gas station was charging 9 dollars a gallon. That's just unacceptable. Yep, price gorging at its best. Bread and water ran out in a lot of stores.

Anyway, Matthew didn't wreak havoc in our neck of the woods. Maybe just a little.


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