Missed it...

Lately, I've been seeing my brother post a lot of videos of him playing his guitar. I've never actually seen him play the guitar in person because when he started getting serious about it I was already thousands of miles away from home. I would only see pictures of him and his band when they had some local gigs but that was about it. But a few weeks ago I finally heard him play on a video he posted on his FB account. I'm not sure if the guitar he's using is one of the jackson guitars woodwinds brasswinds but it definitely sounds like a professional guitar and my brother slayed it I must say. Because of all the videos he's been posting and because of a video I saw of a song I really like, I decided to take out my own guitar from its dusty case. I just thought I could try and learn how to play the song I've been wanting to learn for months [years, maybe?] now. But guess what? Because it's been months since I played my guitar it's out of tune. Ugh! So before I could play it, I had to tune it first....which is very hard for me to. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to do it this weekend...if I still have that urge to learn the song.


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