Butterfly Garden...Home Edition

When we visited MOSI last month, the first place we visited in the museum was this:

It's the Butterfly Garden. Like I mentioned in the post, there were only a few kinds of butterflies there but it gave the little one a chance to be up close and personal with them. She actually took a ton of pictures and made sure to mention them in her report.

After that visit to the museum [and her enthusiasm to see butterflies], I decided to finally order the caterpillars that came with the Butterly Garden that Santa [ehem!] gave her last Christmas. The package came a few days after we ordered them and the journey to raising 'butterflies' started.

The caterpillar were kept in a plastic jar until they turned into chrysalides [chrysalises]. As soon as they hang upside down, we had to transfer them to the 'butterfly garden' itself. This one:

Here's how they looked like while we were waiting for the butterflies to make an appearance..

After a few days of waiting, all 5 caterpillars turned into PAINTED BUTTERFLIES...

Last weekend and 2 days after they all turned into beautiful butterflies, we released them in our front yard.

Can  you see the little butterfly flying to its freedom?

Every now and then, the little one would see them on those purple flowers in the picture. According to the booklet that came with the butterfly kit, they usually come back to the place where they're released. I guess that's true, eh?


Ciela said…
Uy, that's nice! The young pretty lady can breed her own butterflies. Ka-excite nga naman to observe the transformations.

Dito, parang totally extinct na ang butterflies. Sa mga butterfly gardens na lang makakaita. Sakin naman, tutubi! hehe.
Nung maliit ako, di muna aalis ang Ama ko hangga't di nya ako naihuhuli ng tutubi. Super daming decades na yun. Lol!

How's like over there Huling? Hope you have a bright day!

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